Every idea starts with an unfulfilled need. Ours was simple; Genuine Leather products were desirable and chic, but too expensive. PU Leather had taken over the market with cheaper variants that would lose sheen within weeks and wear out within a month.

 Eventually you ended up spending more on repeat purchases of inferior quality product, making PU an unviable proposition. What was the alternative? We loved leather products but couldn’t afford them, and the cheaper alternative was far cry from giving the same gratification as owning a luxe leather product.

That’s How BELFORD was born. We started with the simple intent of providing leather products at revolutionary prices. As we delved deeper, we realized that a leather product was not enough – the true satisfaction came from the rich feel that comes with an immaculate finish. Machine based products lacked that finesse. We decided to get back to basics and ditch the Robotic world of manufacturing.

BELFORD started producing its merchandise by hiring leather smiths in India that were 2nd or 3rd generation of legacy leather smith families and had years of rich experience in hand crafting and tooling.


BELFORD as brand comes with the assurance that all the products are manufactured with leather sourced from the finest tanneries of India and Italy. To stay true to our initial endeavour of high quality merchandise, we only use the Top Grain leather that is the finest layer of leather, and its tanning process includes both chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. We strive to make sure that when a product is crafted they pass our stringent quality Control process.


Although BELFORD started, as genuine leather specific brand, our journey and interactions made us aware of the rich heritage of leather crafting that was slowly becoming dormant. The decision of making handcrafted products changed the lives of our leather smiths whose craftsmanship faced the threat of substitution with machine made products. In our short journey so far, we realize that BELFORD gave wings to two dreams – one was our aspiration of building a home grown leather brand that promised quality, and the second was the recognition to the immense talent to our small community of leather smiths, that now interact with all of you, through each BELFORD product.

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